Weather data with SSN ontology

Weather data is the providing of RDF data about one of the meteorological stations that Irstea owns in its experimental farm at Montoldre. The data are available under the french open licence of etalab This licence it is compatible with the «Open Government Licence» (OGL) of the United Kingdom, the «Creative Commons Attribution 2.0» (CC-BY 2.0) licence of Creative Commons and the «Open Data Commons Attribution» (ODC-BY) licence of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Please contact Catherine Roussey ( and Stephan Bernard ( if you need to access this dataset.

Access to the SPARQL Endpoint

With a Web browser

With other SPARQL client

Data is accessible with any sparql client (such as sparql-query) on the URL Please limit the result of queries, as the database contains about 14,278,000 triples.

Data structure

The SSN 2014 paper describes the data structure based on several ontologies see

For the moment, the templates files linked below contain the data structure written in a almost rdf-turtle format.

You can also have a look at some sample queries.

Data flow from csv files to sparql endpoint

Source files

  • sensors.ttl : The definition of the meteorological station and its sensors.
  • timestamp.tpl.ttl : The template used to generate timestamps.
  • data.tpl.ttl : The template used to convert csv data to turtle-rdf.
  • : The shell script doing the data flow from csv file to sparql endpoint.

A change log is being released (in french) concerning the evolution of IRSTEA's weather data server.


  • jena-fuseki as a RDF server.
  • csvfix a tool for manipulating csv files.
  • raptor and its tool named rapper to convert rdf formats.


  • C. ROUSSEY, S. BERNARD, G. ANDRE, O. CORCHO, G. de SOUSA, D. BOFFETY, J.-P CHANET: Weather Station Data Publication at Irstea: An implementation report. In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks, SSN 2014, in conjunction with the 13th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2014, Rida Del Garda, Italy, 20 october 2014, p. 89-104. CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol 1401:

Weather data




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